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Last updated on 01/27/2024



Baltimore Antique Arms Show

March 16-17, 2024


Grifon will once again be exhibiting at the Baltimore Gun Show at Tables B10-11.

We will be offering items from this web site (as allowed). 

Additionally, a fine assortment of Boston Almanacs, boxed ammo as well as single rounds, Randall knives and scarce boxes of shortshells from noted English Gunmakers will be available.

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Webley Mk 6, 22 Adaptor. 273711.

$ 1,100.00

Catalog No.


Webley Mk 6, 22 Adaptor. 273711.

Matching barrel and frame, no 455 cylinder is present.

The revolver has been fitted with a Parker-Hale 6 shot 22 LR conversion kit in excellent Condition.

The 455 bore is sharp and clean. 

The dull blue refinish is largely intact and all markings and edges are sharp.

The right side of the frame is stamped R.A.F.

The Composition grips (S marked for small) are in very good condition showing little wear.