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Last updated on 03/17/2022

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Pre 1898, Lancaster 4 Barrel “Howdah Pistol” .455, 6-5/16 Barrel length, oval bores. 7351 Standard Latch.

$ 12,000.00

Catalog No.


The blue finish is largely intact with very slight evidence of turning brown.

The top/back strap and trigger guard has turned brown.

Bores are clean and bright with patches of fine grained corrosion. They do not materially detract from the quality of this cased example of a very rare handgun.

The grips are the seldom encountered smooth version in excellent condition.


This is a very handsome, tight example of a rare gun made in 1883. A verbal communication from the custodian of the Lancaster records indicate that this gun was dispatched to the Hon. Rv. Grosvenor during August of 1883.

The English Oak case shows its age in and out.

  • The varnish is intact and bright.
  • The lid escutcheon is unmarked.
  • The brass escutcheon surrounding the keyhole is missing.
  • Internally, the Green baize lining is faded and worn.
  • The original case label is dark, stained and slightly chipped at the edges.