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Last updated on 09/26/2023

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Enfield No. 2. 3352. Marked 1930. Caliber 38-200.

$ 1,600.00

Catalog No.


Enfield No. 2.  3352. Marked 1930. Caliber 38-200.

Original blue finish is largely intact showing silvering wear on edges.

Bore is sharp and clean Hinge and cylinder release screw show slipped screwdriver damage.

Grips are battered to a medium degree and are missing a small chip on the lower right hand corner.

Marked .38 Cal. On top of barrel rib.

Left side of barrel shows Middle Eastern script marking.

The 22 adaptor is in excellent condition and the bore is bright and sharp.

Sub caliber kits for the 38 Enfield have been noted to be more difficult to find than for the 455.