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Last updated on 03/17/2022

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Mid-Century Webley Field/Range Case.

$ 900.00

Catalog No.


Rare label Webley and Scott, Incorporating Greener.

Large Leather Case in traditional English style.

The case is made to accept Webley revolvers Mk 1-5. If a small partition is folded down it will also accept the Mk 6.

Accessories included are the key, Brass, ring handled wiping rod. Turnscrew and pewter oil bottle. There is no way to determine if the accessories are original to the case.

Case dimensions are: L 17-5/8, W 8, D 2-7/8, handle protrudes 2.

Condition of the baize lining and label is excellent.

External condition of the brown leather cowhide is bright and smooth with scuffed edges.

The two front corners of the lid are loose and requires regluing.