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Last updated on 05/08/2024

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Government Model, 455, W105908, RAF, 1918

$ 2,200.00

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Government Model, 455, W105908, RAF, 1918.

A completely correct specimen of the 1911, produced in 455 Auto for our British WW 1 Allies.

The slide is marked on the right side with Colt Automatic over Calibre 455.

The left side of the slide has the standard commercial patent dates separated by the rampant colt.

While the slide retains substantially all of its blue finish, it is marred by scattered pitting which can possibly be attributed to holster storage for a considerable period.

The frame exhibits somewhat less blue and is completely worn to gray on the forestrap of the grip.

The left side of the frame displays numerous British applied stamps including RAF as the service arm to which this weapon was issued.

The grips show wear at the bottom and there is much flattening of the diamonds.

The magazine is the correct 2 tone with lanyard loop and the bottom is marked Cal 455 over ELEY.